Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Profile in Courage

Howard Fineman
A Democratic senator I can't name, who reluctantly voted for the health-care bill out of loyalty to his party and his admiration for Barack Obama, privately complained to me that the measure was political folly, in part because of the way it goes into effect: some taxes first, most benefits later, and rate hikes by insurance companies in between.

Besides that, this Democrat said, people who already have coverage will feel threatened and resentful about helping to cover the uninsured—an emotion they will sanitize for the polltakers into a concern about federal spending and debt.
Any commentary there about it being "the right thing to do?" "Making the country stronger?" "Reducing the budget deficit?" "Covering the uninsured?"

Nope. Party loyalty.

Do you suppose this guy's constituents might be interested in knowing that they, who have put him into this exalted and power position, are of less interest to him than Harry Reid and Barack Obama?

Here's my advice to all voters - since Howard won't tell us who he's talking about, you have to assume that ALL Democratic Senators are more interested in Harry Reid and Barack Obama than their constituents' best interests, and VOTE THEM OUT!

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