Tuesday, March 30, 2010

World's smallest violin playing for Rep. Driehaus

Mark LeBar, on Rep. Steve Driehaus comment that "people are going to criticize my decisions...but my wife, my kids, my neighbors are out of bounds.”
Interesting that Rep. Driehaus himself doesn’t take my wife, my kids, my body, or anything else about me, to be ‘out of bounds’ when he legislates. It’s all up for grabs in the legislative process; there are no bounds to what he is entitled to impose on me through force. Probably he should not be surprised that people become less inclined to respect those ‘bounds’ – which are, indeed, bounds of decency – when the political class has so far rejected and replaced common decency with its officious and intrusive will.
Indeed. One can understand his desire not to have people chanting outside his house. Why can't he understand their desire not to have the Federal Government destroy their health care system?




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