Friday, March 26, 2010

Baseball Crank's AL East EWSL

The Baseball Crank has his AL East EWSL (Established Wins Shares Level) report up for the AL East, and, like mine, his numbers find the Red Sox to be a very strong team.
This Red Sox team doesn't look offensively strong enough to me to be a real 100-win team, but they and the Yankees are doubtless the strongest teams in the game by a healthy margin, in Boston's case due to their depth, pitching and defense. The rotation has some question marks, especially Matsuzaka and the durability of Lackey, but as with the rest of the roster there are fallbacks. Maybe the biggest vulnerable keystone is Mike Cameron, the oldest guy in the starting lineup and a key to improving Boston's outfield defense; a Drew-Ellsbury-Hermida outfield is not nearly as solid afield.
Click the link, read it all. The bottom line is that his numbers are saying about the same thing mine did. He's actually got Boston five games ahead of New York, though I don't think that's actually a prediction. As I quoted, he thinks the numbers are overestimating, a little bit, how strong they are, which sounds like he's got them in the high 90s, as do I.

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