Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All the news that fits...

Walter Russell Mead offers a public service for those still getting their news from the New York Times.
Readers of The New York Times learned something this morning that millions of people in the UK have known for some time, not to mention of the millions of Americans following the story on the web. But they didn’t learn much about it, or learn enough to begin to think through the consequences for American politics and global policy.

A page one story by Elisabeth Rosenthal under the headline “U.N. Climate Panel and Its Chief Face a Siege on Their Credibility” gently informed the sensitive readers of The New York Times that all is not well in the world of the climate change movement.


The dwindling band who depend on The New York Times for their news don’t know that their world has changed in some important ways. They deserve to know and they need to know; I hope that the paper will find a way to tell them.
He provides an excellent short summary of Climate-gate and the recently acknowledged issues that render the IPCC utterly untrustworthy as a source of information. Unfortunately, those who still get their information from the Times are probably never going to see this piece...

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