Monday, February 08, 2010

Hardening conventional (but false) wisdom

I've heard a couple of different discussion points about the Super Bowl. And they're both clearly hardening as conventional wisdom. And they're both wrong.
  1. "Peyton Manning only played three-quarters of the game, because the Saints did such a great job keeping the Colts offense off the field..."

    Time of possession: New Orleans 30:11, Indianapolis 29:49. So the Saints had the ball for all of 22 seconds longer than the Colts. And 44 of those were after the Colts last drive fell short. To that point, it was Indianapolis 29:49, New Orleans 29:26.
  2. "Because of the long half-time and the on-side kick, Peyton Manning was off the field for seventy (70) minutes, so obviously, he was cold after that..."

    Following that seventy (70) minutes break, the "cold" Peyton Manning came on to the field and went 5/6 for 52 yards while leading the Colts on a 10-play, 76-yard, 5 minute 12 second touchdown drive. The seventy (70) minute break is not to blame for anything.

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