Sunday, January 17, 2010

"...things could get rough and unpleasant..."

One week ago today, I said, in response to the news that a poll had Scott Brown one point up on Martha Coakley,
The big concern is that this kind of news will wake up the machine...No one cares about Coakley, but as the national Dems awaken to the possibility of losing "Ted's seat" before health care reform passes, things could get rough and unpleasant here...
Since then, we've had the assault on Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack, Ed Schultz' suggestion that election fraud would be just dandy, Bob Kerrey's accusation that Scott Brown doesn't believe in evolution and the Democrats' mailer saying he doesn't want medical care for rape victims.

In other words, the machine woke up, and they are doing whatever they can, regardless of the truth of any accusation, to destroy Scott Brown. It's gotten very rough and unpleasant.

As I predicted it would a week ago...

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