Friday, January 15, 2010

A vote for Bart is a vote for anarchy!

One of the interesting features in the Brown/Coakley race right now is that both sides are making many of the same arguments. Brown thinks the fact that he'll be the 41st vote against the Health Care monstrosity is a positive for Brown; Coakley thinks that the fact that Brown would be the 41st vote to obstruct health care reform is a negative for Brown. So we've got both sides running ads, including one that Obama did for Coakley, that say exactly the same thing - Scott Brown would stop the health care bill and obstruct the Obama agenda.

It's a Simpsons moment. Way back in season 2 or 3, in the episode "Lisa's Substitute," Bart ran for class President. And they did a little campaign montage. In one of the amusing pieces of that, they show Martin, on a ladder, putting up a neatly-lettered sign which reads, "A Vote for Bart is a Vote for Anarchy!" Then the camera sweeps a little bit down the hall to reveal Bart, on a ladder, putting a sloppily-lettered sign which reads, "A Vote for Bart is a Vote for Anarchy!"

And on Tuesday, we'll decide who gets more fired up by that "a vote for Brown is a vote for gridlock" argument...

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