Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some coverage of Coakley disgraceful behavior in Amirault case, finally

I've written about Martha Coakley's efforts to keep an innocent man in jail a couple of times, but I want to mention it again right now because it's getting a little time on talk radio in Boston. Howie Carr and Barbara Anderson discussed the issue on WRKO yesterday afternoon, and Dennis and Callahan are talking about it this morning on WEEI. In fact, they are going to have Gerald Amirault live in studio at 8:00 AM1.

There have been some people who wonder why the Brown campaign hasn't made this an issue, but it's a hard thing to get across in a 30-second sound bite. And any kind of superficial mention just gives Coakley the opportunity to play the "I'm tough on child molesters" card. The whole reason that this is an issue for anyone isn't that she fought to keep a convicted child-molester in jail - it's that she fought to keep a convicted child-molester in jail after it became obvious to anyone willing to look at the evidence that the alleged crime never actually occured, and that the convicted child-molester was, therefore, not guilty. But there's a lot of detail between those two positions, and it's detail that you can't effectively do in an ad campaign. The Brown campaign has been wise to avoid it.

UPDATE: The Gerald Amirault interview is now online, and it's compelling.

1 - WEEI's live streaming is on the web at And if you're reading this after 8 AM and sorry you missed it, I suspect that they'll post it at later this morning.

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