Thursday, September 03, 2009

Coakley for Senate? Not with my approval...

So, it begins.
Attorney General Martha Coakley says she’ll be a Democratic candidate in the special election to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

The 20-year prosecutor said today she can continue to be "an effective voice for the people of Massachusetts."

Martha Coakley is someone for whom I could never vote, even if I agreed with her politically. She was a key player in one of the great abuses of state power of the last quarter century. She prosecuted, or participated in the prosecution of Violet Amirault and her two children, Gerald Amirault and Cheryl Amirault LeFavre for their work at the Fells Acre Day Care Center in Malden, MA. The state of Massachusetts, with the active participation of Martha Coakley, ruined their lives, sent them to prison for years, on the unsupported testimony of a group of 3-5 year olds, testimony that varied from unlikely to physically impossible, testimony that was elicited through days and weeks of "questioning" (coaching) from child psychologists.

And long after it became obvious to anyone interested in looking at it that the charges could not possibly be true, Martha Coakley fought to keep the Amiraults in jail. It was a grotesque miscarriage of justice that they went to jail, and Martha Coakley, who wants to be my next Senator, helped carry it out and fought to prolong it. The Fells Acre kids were abused, but it was psychological abuse, and it was perpetrated by Martha Coakley and her coworkers. She absolutely should not be a US Senator.

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