Saturday, January 16, 2010

The latest Coakley obscenity

For anyone wondering whether I might have been overstating the loathesomeness of Martha Coakley, Greg Sargent has a copy of the latest negative campaign mailer from the Coakley camp:

Got that?

1,736 women were raped in Massachusetts in 2008. Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn them all away.

Does that sound credible? Of course not. If that were true, if that statement bore any sort of vague resemblance to truth, Scott Brown wouldn't be a sitting Massachusetts state senator. He wouldn't be in this race. It's an obscene slander. And that's what the Coakley camp is reduced to at this point. It's disgusting, but the thing is, it isn't close to the most disgusting thing that Martha Coakley's done in public life.

It's really time for her not to be in public life anymore...

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