Monday, November 09, 2009

Zero tackles. Zero sacks.

I disagree with this part of the Miami Herald story on yesterday's Patriots-Dolphins game:
As the final seconds ticked down to what already was a certain victory for the Patriots, the home team's closed-circuit feed to the Gillette Stadium scoreboard focused on a dejected Joey Porter on the Dolphins sideline.

The caption below Porter's name: "Zero tackles. Zero sacks."

And one problem with that is it showed zero class because it needlessly ridiculed an already-beaten opponent.

I don't think "zero class" is an appropriate term here. We're talking about NFL football, and the facts are the facts. It certainly isn't "taking the high road," but "zero class" seems a bit extreme. And "needlessly?" I think that if anyone in the game warrants that kind of "ridicule," it's Joey Porter, who was a lot quieter in the game than in the media during the week leading up to the game. If there's anyone who could use a lesson in class, it's Joey Porter.

He got one yesterday. (Talk about taking it like a man - all the talking that Porter did was before the game - he did nothing during the game and refused to talk to the media after the game. I repeat, if there's anyone in the game that warrants that kind of "ridicule," it's Joey Porter.) I doubt that he'll learn from it, but there it is.

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