Sunday, November 08, 2009

The debacle train rolls on...

Well, it's still a long way from the President's desk, but this is still very disappointing. A majority in the United States House of Representatives just voted to nationalize/socialize/take over 1/6 of the the nation's economy. A bad, bad day for freedom and responsibility in this country, and, therefore, the world.
202 yeas on PelosiCare, 193 nays... 36 Dems nay...Cao up in the air still...215-209... 218-214. PASS...Dems cheer... 39 Dems nay...CAO, GOPer, a yea...220-215... GOP side looks tired and rejected. Dems buzzing, of course... Joseph Cao just made this 'bipartisan'— Dems already spinning their win.

And don't let them get away with spinning it as "bipartisan" just because one RINO defected. The opposition is far more "bipartisan" than the support.

And the NRCC should actively look for and support a primary challenge for Representative Cao. If he's voting for this bill, he's not a Republican anyway.

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