Thursday, November 05, 2009

And from someone else...

So, surfing after finishing my comments on same-sex marriage, I found Charles Winecoff making some of the same points...
The gay community is trying to usurp the word “marriage” without considering less antagonistic ways to attain the same goal (full legal rights). What the advantages might be - for them - in keeping the ideal of traditional marriage intact (most gay people are themselves products of heterosexual nuclear families) never even registers on their gaydar.

As “male” and “female” are increasingly viewed as archaic social constructs – or elective surgical options (thank you, “Chaz” Bono) - marriage is rapidly becoming just another disposable lifestyle choice, with children fashionable accessories (largely to make their parents feel like “good” people). This, of course, is not the fault of gays and lesbians; the deterioration started with irresponsible, sybaritic straight people. But to further dilute the original intent of marriage (to raise children and keep us all going) isn’t going to help anyone.

What can I say? I agree...

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