Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Maybe you could teach him something..."

Out trick-or-treating with the kids, on Beacon Hill in Boston. For those that don't know, Beacon Hill is a small area behind the Massachusetts State House, with ... exclusive residents. Former GE CEO Jack Welch has a place on Beacon Hill. As does Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Anyway, they close the streets to cars on Halloween, and it's like a huge block party. Many of the residents go all out in terms of decorations, and thousands of people in costumes crowd the streets.

My eleven year-old decided to go as that most horrifying of creatures - a politician! So he wore a suit and tie, and carried a sign saying, "Tired of all the other Senators? Vote for Ben!" He had a button on his lapel with Ben! and the GOP elephant. And three copies of that on his top hat.

So we get into Louisburg Square. And he's going door to door, half a block down from the Kerry Manse. And one of the neighbors asks him if he's seen the Senator yet.

Kerry Neighbor: "I like your costume. Have you been to John Kerry's house yet?"
Ben: "No."
Neighbor: "I think that he'd like your costume."
Ben: "I don't think he'd like my hat."
Neighbor: (Pauses, looks again at the hat) "No, but maybe you could teach him something."

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