Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boston Celtics, 2009-2010

A couple of idle thoughts as we wait for tip-off to the 2009-10 season...

  • There are only a couple of people in the NBA for whom I would less like to root than Rasheed Wallace. That said, it reminds me of the Bill Walton acquisition in 1986. A team that already was a championship contender added a legitimately great NBA player to its bench, a player that is not only willing to accept a backup role and backup minutes, but excited to do so.

  • IFF Kevin Garnett is healthy, this is the team to beat.

  • One of the things that makes them formidable is their defense. They not only have players that can produce offense in crunch time, they've got players who can play lock-down defense while doing so.

  • I expect great things from Rajon Rondo this season.

  • I expect great things from Paul Pierce this season.

  • I think we start this season with 2-3 teams in each conference with legitimage shots to win it all. In the East, that's Boston and Cleveland, with Orlando a possibility. But frankly, it would be surprising to me if the East weren't represented by the Cavaliers or the Celtics.

Prediction: Boston wins 65-68 games in the regular season, wins the East and wins the Celtics' 18th NBA Championship.




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