Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NFL Week 7 wrapup

Week 7 in the NFL...

  • OK, I know that Tennessee and Tampa are a combined 0-13. I know that they are bad teams. But outscoring the opposition 94-7 over two weeks, as the Patriots have done, is impressive no matter who the opponents are.

  • The NFL Red Zone Channel is like crack cocaine for NFL fans. My initial reaction is that it's the greatest invention since Monday Night Football. But I'm re-thinking that position.

  • Note to NBC executives: The presence of Keith Olbermann drives many who would be interested in Football Night in America away from that program. Some of us don't make it back for the game. Whatever your ratings are, it is difficult for me to imagine that they wouldn't be higher without him.

  • Obvious pick: New England over Tampa Bay, Indianapolis over St. Louis

  • Obvious Pick which was dead wrong: There really wasn't a shocking upset this week.

  • Somewhere in this world, there's a man that picked Denver to start the season 6-0. I'd like to have him managing my stock portfolio.

  • Evidence that you should be listening carefully to what I say:

    New England vs. Tampa (at London) - "the Buccaneers are a worse team than most (though not all) that the Patriots have played, and the Patriots are a better team than most (though not all) that the Buccaneers have played. It's concievable that this ends up being only a two-touchdown game, but I don't see any reason to expect it to be only a two-touchdown game. 35-10, or even worse, wouldn't surprise me at all."

    Minnesota at Pittsburgh - "The home field is an advantage for the Steelers. So is the calendar, as he-who-must-not-be-named starts the yearly wear-down. The Vikings lost last week, except for a missed field goal. They've been life and death a couple of times, requiring a last-second missed field goal in one game and a miracle Hail Mary in another, both at home, to enter week 7 undefeated. This is the week the winning streak ends."

  • Evidence that you should be listening carefully to what I say (and betting the opposite):

    NY Jets at Oakland - "A fascinating game. The Raiders are on a, for them, huge roll, having won their last one game in a row. The Jets are struggling, as the magical mystery tour has hit a few speed bumps. As bad as the Raiders are, the Jets without Kris Jenkins and with Mark Sanchez are very hard to pick, particularly on the road. Heck, they just lost to Buffalo at home. In a last minute switch, I'm going to take the Raiders, with their head coach not going to be facing criminal charges, who just beat the Eagles, who were embarassed by a New York team two weeks ago, to actually get to two straight wins by beating the suddenly hapless Jets."

    Atlanta at Dallas - "The traditional late-season, post-season meltdown has come early in Dallas this year. Fortunately for all involved, the Redskins are going to prevent them from being the biggest disappointment/embarassment in the NFC East."

  • For the week:
    Winners: 7-6
    ATS: 8-5-0

  • For the season:
    Winners: 66-37
    ATS: 55-48-0

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