Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The Baseball Crank has been tracking the Obamamentum in the Democratic primary. Earlier, I referred to Barack Obama as "the Anointed One." There's a reason for that. The mainstream press fell in love with him early, and to call his media coverage "fawning" is to understate the degree to which the press has gone into the tank for him. But stories are still leaking out, largely driven by the blogosphere (both left and right, as the Hillary half of the left-wing blogs are also savaging him), and the public, rather than coalescing behind the essentially-determined-nominee-to-be, have been deserting him in droves.
Obama ends the last 3 months of the primary season more than 600,000 votes in the hole, losing the popular vote decisively to Hillary over a stretch of 16 primaries in which 13 million votes were cast.

So the Democratic party has chosen a candidate who cannot, once chosen, even carry the Democratic primary in such battleground states as Pennsylvania and Ohio...

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