Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Obama's Sacrifice
Obama tells us what a sacrifice he made taking the starting salary of a paid Chicago radical, working his way up from the bottom rung of a powerful leftist political machine. But his salary was almost exactly the same as the starting salary of a college degreed officer in the U.S. military, an officer likely to have a degree in an actual marketable subject (unlike Obama's PoliSci degree), and likely to have had the benefit of four years of job training in the ROTC or one of the military academies...Obama's "sacrifice" gave him the contacts -- and the story line -- upon which he built a powerful multi-million dollar political career. The sacrifice of military personnel enlisting in the late 1980s' was sometimes their health and sometimes their very lives. The Obama's, it's worth pointing out again, became millionaires.

And yet Barack and Michelle whine and preen about their "burdensome" sacrifices for the collective ..

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