Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Death by 1000 pixelcuts

The Baseball Crank noted that "Obama seems to be aiming to wear down conservative bloggers by producing more material to beat him up with than any one person could possibly keep up with. He's beginning to rival Kerry in that regard." Of course, the mainstream media is as protective of the anointed one as they could possibly be, but most of the time that the blogosphere goes off on some act or statement, some hint of it will trickle into the mainstream press, if only to publicize the criticism by responding to it. Eventually, some of the shine will wear off.

In the old days, with the newspapers doing the work, you could talk about death by 1000 papercuts. But the newspapers aren't doing the work, and there's no particular reason to expect them to start any time soon, so it's being done in the blogosphere. Senator Obama may end up being the first politician to suffer death by 1000 pixelcuts.

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