Friday, October 11, 2013

Division Series recap

Division Series Results:
Bill James Playoff Predictor:  TB 83, BOS 56

My prediction: Red Sox in four

Result: Red Sox in four

Bill James Playoff Predictor:  OAK 82, DET 51

My Prediction: Oakland in five

Result: Detroit in five

Bill James Playoff Predictor:  PIT 97, STL 36

My prediction: St. Louis in four

Result: St. Louis in five

Bill James Playoff Predictor:  ATL 102, LAD 33

My prediction: Atlanta in five

Result: LAD in four

I got the Red Sox series correct, both winner and games. I got the winner of the St. Louis series correct, but missed the number of games by one. I missed on the Atlanta-Los Angeles series.  And I missed on Oakland-Detroit.  Which is funny, because I predicted that it would go five, but when they actually went to the fifth game, there was no question in my mind that the Tigers were going to win.

The Bill James Playoff Predictor missed - badly - on both NL series. And it missed on both AL series, too1. 0-4.

Obviously, I was a little better.  

1 - As I noted at the time, the BJPP actually favored the Red Sox if you used ERA+ rather than ERA. 

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