Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The dumbest thing I expect to see today...

... and I expect to see it over and over as various lefties post it on Facebook.

Is the video dumb? Probably. Given that it features Fauxcahontas, I have no reason to think that time spent watching it would constitute time well spent. But the dumbness - really epic dumbness - is in the description from the person that posted it.

A Senator Gets Mad About The Shutdown And Starts Naming Names. About Time.
Since the media seems to think this whole thing is a bipartisan mess, I thought I'd get a second opinion. Take it away, Senator. (At 4:00, she nails it.) And the name she names? It's a party. Not a person.
I don't know what media he's talking about, but, as we discussed yesterday, they seem to be largely in "it's not really bipartisan - it's all the Republicans' fault" mode. So that's a pretty dumb comment. What really elevates it is what follows. To get the real scoop, this guy thinks that the media is too even-handed, so you've got to go to a partisan, elected and not-particularly bright (skin-tone excepted) Democrat to get the blame correctly attributed to Republicans.

Yeah, there's a compelling argument.  That'll really elevate the discussion...

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