Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama: Mr. Incredible

Obama: Mr. Incredible
When critics of the legislation alleged during the debate that the enforcement of its many provisions would vastly increase the power of the IRS and empower tax collectors to go where they had never gone before, administration spokesmen reacted in outrage. The president’s critics, they charged, were not just wrong, but lying to scare people.

It turns out that the critics were dead right and that if there was any lying going on, they weren’t the guilty ones.
The great tragedy of Obamacare isn't that it's going to significantly damage the healthcare system - it's that it was obvious beforehand, and millions of people said so, over and over, loudly, and begged with them not to do it, and they went ahead and did it anyway. For many of us, that one bill will feed our desires to say "I told you so" for the rest of our lives...

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