Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Joseph Rago: The Massachusetts Health-Care 'Train Wreck'

Joseph Rago: The Massachusetts Health-Care 'Train Wreck' -
President Obama said earlier this year that the health-care bill that Congress passed three months ago is "essentially identical" to the Massachusetts universal coverage plan that then-Gov. Mitt Romney signed into law in 2006. No one but Mr. Romney disagrees.

As events are now unfolding, the Massachusetts plan couldn't be a more damning indictment of ObamaCare. The state's universal health-care prototype is growing more dysfunctional by the day, which is the inevitable result of a health system dominated by politics.
Woo-hoo! Obamacare will save us all!

The Massachusetts health-care debacle is the biggest single impediment to the Mitt Romney 2012 candidacy. I like Mitt, and would vote for him, but he's got to concede that this has been a disaster instead of defending it and trying to claim that there are substantial and significant differences between what he signed and what Obama signed. I don't believe it's a makeable case.

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