Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ThinkGeek's best cease-and-desist - ever!

While this is very funny, it's a little sad and scary, too. How much did those lawyers get paid for producing a document as nonsensical as this cease-and-desist? Did one of them, at any point, stop to actually consider what he was doing?

And who, at the National Pork Board, sicced the lawyers on the case in the first place?
Recently we got the best-ever cease and desist letter. We're no stranger to the genre, so what could possibly make this one stand out from the rest?

First, it's 12 pages long and very well-researched (except on one point); it even includes screengrabs of the offending item from our site. And we know they're not messing around because they invested in the best and brightest legal minds.

But what makes this cease and desist so very, very special is that it's for a fake product we launched for April Fool's day.

It wasn't the iCade, or the Dharma Initiative Clock, or even the Tribbles 'n' Bits Breakfast Cereal.

No, it was the Canned Unicorn Meat.
Click and read.

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