Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Not one of them was a U.S. citizen..."


Pinal County (Arizona) Sheriff Paul Babeu:
Last month alone, just in one patrol region, we had sixty-four pursuits. That means people who were driving a vehicle, failed to yield, took off like a bat out of hell, running red lights, creating traffic wrecks, numerous people were killed in these wrecks over the last several months, and who are these people? Not one of them was a U.S. citizen.
Do the people who are crying "racism" over the new Arizona law know this? More importantly, would they even care if they did?

The people of the state of Arizona have a right to defend themselves. They're being invaded, and the federal government, which is constitutionally obligated to protect their border, is doing nothing about it. I'm passionately disinterested in hearing Manhattan-Westport-Fairfax County-Orange County liberals decry the "racism" of a people who are under siege and attempting to protect themselves. The idea that they've passed this law because they "hate hispanics" is patent nonsense, and the "racism" argument is the default position of the intellectually vapid and self-satisfied.

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