Friday, August 14, 2009

Red Sox concede season

"The Red Sox have completed a trade with the Cincinnati Reds, bringing shortstop Alex Gonzalez back to Boston."

What a bad decision. What a terrible move. I don't care what they gave up, it was much, much too much.


A: The one available SS who does not represent an upgrade over Nick Green.
Q: Who is Alex Gonzalez?


Yes, he has a fabulous defensive reputation. Yes, he's sure-handed, and looks smooth. He's a mediocre, or worse, defender, who can't hit well enough to justify playing time even in someone as good defensively as he's reputed to be (but isn't.)


This is a panic move, the kind of thing that they usually (though not always [remember Bard-Meredith-Mirabelli]) avoid doing.

Just a bad idea. This is a trade that makes them worse over the remainder of the season, as Gonzalez takes playing time away from both Nick Green and Jed Lowrie, while improving nothing.


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