Thursday, September 20, 2007

So THAT's what they wanted from the manager!

Sometimes, the universe operates as if scripted by someone with an awesome sense of irony. One night after various Francona bashers unloaded on the manager for not bringing in Jon Papelbon to face Russ Adams in the 8th with the bases loaded, Francona brought in Papelbon to face Russ Adams in the 8th with the bases loaded.

Adams hit a grand slam.

I wonder if we'll hear the "the manager gave the game away" comments today...

The Red Sox magic number remains at 9, the lead is down to 1 1/2. The offense has struggled greatly this week, thus far. The bullpen has, as well. Far, far better to do it this week than the week after next. I'll be disappointed if they don't win the division, but in the big picture, it just doesn't matter. The only thing that really batters is getting one of the AL's four play-off spots, and any combination of Red Sox wins and Tigers losses adding to three accomplishes that.

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