Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Republican Straw poll

You've noticed the Republican Straw Poll at the top of this page. I got the script from Captain Ed, who got it from (and blogger will let me put it in the page template, but not in a post). Just out of curiosity, what do people think? I think that Gingrich, Hagel, Huckabee and Pataki are completely unacceptable. (For different reasons - I like Mr. Newt, for example, but think he's completely unelectable.) Everyone else is more or less acceptable to me. Even Giuliani, though I don't think he's electable in a Republican primary, either.

My first choice at the moment is Mitt Romney. I don't know if he's the best fit for all of my positions, but I'm very comfortable with the positions that I'm aware of. I think he'll be very strong on National Security, I think he'll appoint non-activist judges, and I think he'll be pretty good on Taxes. (I don't think ANYONE will be particularly good on spending.) And I think he'll be a great candidate.

Anyway, let's see what you think. (And be honest about what you are. If a lefty troll should decide to take it - you know who you are ;-), though I wouldn't use the term "troll" myself - admit it...)



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