Sunday, October 08, 2006

Congratulations, Detroit!

I'm seeing lots of chortling and gloating and trolling from Red Sox fans on the Yankee's loss of their 3rd straight game, and the ALDS, to the Detroit Tigers on Saturday. Which strikes me as rather pathetic. The Red Sox have been out of it for 6 weeks - the idea that Red Sox fans are trolling the Yankee fans is pretty offensive. There's absolutely nothing about the 2006 season that should allow Boston baseball fans to give anyone a hard time.

That said, I hate the Yankees, and I'm glad that they're gone. The post-season is far more interesting and enjoyable without the possibility of the Yankees winning the World Series. And it's good to see the Tigers successful. Detroit has been a great baseball city, in the past, and it was sad to see what happened to them over the past 19 years. A strong franchise there is a good thing. And you get strong franchises only when there's at least occasional success...



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