Sunday, October 08, 2006

Patriots vs. Dolphins

My prediction for this game (which I failed to post):

"The Patriots will win this. Pretty handily, but not by a lot. What will happen is this - they'll control the game, but they won't score a lot. They'll end up winning by 10-14, in a game in which the difference is one score or less in the 4th quarter. To anyone seeing the score progression and final score, it'll look like it was a close game. To anyone actually watching, it won't ever feel close. It'll be comfortable the whole way..."

I post this to point out that I could not have been more wrong. Yes, the scoring stuff was fairly close, but this was a nail-biter until the Brady-Evans TD with 9 1/2 minutes to go. It did not EVER feel comfortable. And the Dolphins, in many ways, significantly outplayed the Patriots today. It was an ugly, ugly win.



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