Monday, October 23, 2006

Patriots 28, Bulls 6

Nice effort up in Buffalo yesterday for the Patriots. Not spectacular, mind you. There were certainly some flaws. But 28-6 is a nice final score, and it never, not from the moment the Patriots took the opening kickoff and drove for a touchdown, felt competitive. Even if there were moments when it felt like Buffalo might be outplaying New England in very short stretches, there was never any sense that it might continue for an extended period.

And it didn't.

The Patriots are now the only NFL team to be 4-0 in division competition, with only two division games left, at Miami and home to the Jets. They'll be favored in both.

They're 2-0 against Buffalo. They've played 120 minutes of football. In the first 18:20, Buffalo outscored the Patriots 17-7. In the last 101:40, the Patriots have outscored the Bills 40-6.



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