Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Given the amount of chatter generated by the Oscars ceremony the other night, this seems an opportune time to release this particular skeleton from my closet.

I watched the Academy Awards. 
All the way through to the end. 
(Back in the early 80s, a couple of times.)

I couldn't imagine watching 30 seconds of it now.  Of course, that was a period when I would have seen all, or most, or at least several, of the candidates for best picture.  Other than Les Miserables and Brave, I'm not sure that I've seen anything nominated for anything this year.  There are some that I will see, that I want to see, but I've seen nothing.  And, while I was, at one point, willing to put up with small doses of the rich and famous congratulating themselves on their successes (and, far too often, their moral superiority), not any more.

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