Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here we go again...

So, the New England Patriots are, once again, laying waste the National Football league. After a slow start, which included a two-point loss to the Arizona Cardinals and a one point loss in Baltimore, they've righted the ship, clinched their division (again) and taken control in the race for one of the two AFC playoff byes. And they are doing it with prodigious offense (again) and improving and complementary defense and special teams.

And, again, the numbers are impressive.  In the wake of New England's 42-14 demolition of the AFC-best-record Houston Texans...
  •  The 97 point gap between the points that the number 1 Patriots (472) and the number 2 Denver Broncos (375) have scored is the same as the 97 point gap between the Broncos and the number 21 Pittsburgh Steelers (278).
  • The 198 point differential between the Patriots and their opponents (472-274) is the biggest in the league by 66, over the 49ers (132).  The difference from the 49ers to number 7 Chicago (89) is 54 and to number 8 Atlanta (78) is 74.
  • In the last 10 years, only four teams have finished a season with a bigger point differential than the 2012 Patriots' current 198.  The 2011 Packers (201), the 2011 Saints (208), the 2010 Patriots (205) and ... the 2007 Patriots (315).  The 2012 Patriots have three games left.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have scored 195 points total.  The Patriots have scored 198...more than their opponents.
  • The worst defensive team in the NFL, the Raiders, have allowed 402 points.  The Patriots have scored 70 more than the Raiders' opposition.
And once again, the New England Patriots are probably the favorites to win the AFC and go to the Super Bowl.

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