Friday, October 05, 2012

"The Undoing of Storybook Man"

The availability heuristic is making pieces like this one from Jonah Goldberg seem ubiquitous right now, but there's no question that Wednesday's events increased the spread of this view, that many of us have held for years...
I expected Romney to beat expectations and win the debate (though I had no clue how decisive his victory would be), not because I thought Romney was such a fantastic debater, but because Obama is the single most overrated politician of my lifetime.
For a guy who supposedly gives wonderful speeches, [Obama] rarely persuades the unpersuaded or inspires those he didn’t already have at “hello.” That’s partly the fault of his speechwriters, who always did him the disservice of producing the kind of pedantic and clichéd boilerplate that Obama mistook for soaring oratory. He thought he smashed through the Democratic primaries like a battering ram through concrete when he mostly pushed on open doors.
Preaching to the choir at this address...

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