Thursday, October 04, 2012

The first debate

I live-tweeted the debate last night. Some comments are my opinion, some are retweets of others comments that I liked, and some are just lines from the candidates, mostly Romney, that I thought were noteworthy.  Here's that twitter stream, chronologically from top to bottom... 

Not looking forward to the debate. Know that, regardless of what happens, media will proclaim Obama the winner

Tough when the judges are on one of the teams, choose the winner, and then write the analysis...

Jim Lehrer? Is he still on TV somewhere?

Good God, how much more "investment" in education and training do we need?

It's not like we're not already spending money on those things...

"New business startups are down to a 30 year low..."
Obama will be fine, as long as voters realize Romney has been president for 4 years
"1/4 of all employees ... you're going to take them from 33% to 40%" - Romney is hammering Obama right now...

"Save me, Jim! Help meeeee!!!!"
"Maybe I'll make it up in the swimsuit competition" - Inside Obama's head
"Look at the evidence of the last four years..."

"Going forward with the status quo is not going to cut it for the American people..."

"Not moral for my generation to keep spending massively more than we take in...and passing it on to the next generation..."

"Is it worth borrowing money from China to pay for?"

If this were a fight, they'd stop it. It's going to be fascinating to see the "Obama won" spin tomorrow...

"Spain spends 42% on govt., we're now spending 42% on govt. I don't want to go down the road to Spain..."
Romney is the worst possible matchup for Obama because he is so specific and so precise and so knowledgeable and so quick on his feet.
Amen RT @robertcostaNRO Romney's strength, broadly speaking, is that he's speaking in paragraphs. Fluid. At ease. Knows the details.

Medicare's the big driver of our deficits? You keep saying it's two wars and tax cuts!
The great secret about Obama is that, unlike Clinton (and Romney) he's not a wonk. He's always been a faux policy guy. It's showing.
"My experience is that the private sector typically has a better product at a lower cost."

"Dodd-Frank - Unintended consequences - too big to fail..." JL: Would you repeal? MR: Repeal and replace.
How can Dodd-Frank be good. Look who it's named after.
BREAKING: Joe Biden looking into options to get Obama off the ticket.
We need all health care providers to be cheaper than average. #2012
Yes, costs will go down under ObamaCare -- like they did with the Post Office and Amtrak food service. Govt is a cost-saver's dream!
Obama was convinced he was prepared for this debate the way he was convinced he was prepared to be president.
Obama better hope a Kicked Ass is covered under Obamacare.
BO: Board can't make decisions on treatments. Right, only on coverage. If govt. is paying, distinction without a difference...
“@NoelSheppard: Apparently Obama spent as much time preparing for this debate as he has reading national security briefings!”
Congratulations MSM, your failure to ask the president hard questions for 4 years has left him soft and unprepared. #irony
Obama is rolling down a mountain like Homer Simpson hitting every rock along the way.
BO: "Ryan budget wasn't very detailed." Enough details for you and yours to attack him as cruel and heartless...

This has been a rout. But. What does it turn out to have been when the media spin is done with it?

Who won? Well, Rachel Maddow says that she doesn't know - that tells me everything I need to know. Romney cleaned his clock.

Stephanie Cutter blaming Jim Lehrer for Obama's performance is yet another indicator of the size of the can of whup-ass opened by Romney
Romney didn't know it was a damn show! He thought it was a damn fight!
Obama's just continuing the expectations-lowering game, building towards a REAL October surprise in that last debate...
It could have been worse for Obama...Mitt could have given him cancer.

(There were a couple of minor edits made cleaning up typos...)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome tweets.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Lyford said...


9:38 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

I admitted last night that Romney did very well. And both Duane and i thought Obama was lazy. It felt to us like it does when the Red Sox lose because the deserve to. President certainly didn't work for it.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Lyford said...

I don't know that he was lazy. Frankly, I thought that Obama was pretty much the same last night as he always is. He stammers less with a teleprompter, but his rhetorical skills have never impressed me.

But, there are a couple of reasons that he looked worse to those who think he's a skillful speaker. The media in this country is so biased towards Democrats in general, and him in particular, that he never, ever gets challenged on anything. Romney challenged him. When he trotted out the strawmen that he normally campaigns against, Romney pointed out that they were made of straw. Nobody ever does that to him.

And his record is very hard to defend.

1:02 PM  

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