Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"The Diet Debacle"

What's wrong with our "food" supply?

Robert H. Lustig
Our metabolisms started to malfunction when humans began consuming fat and carbohydrates at the same meal. The liver mitochondria could not keep up with the energy onslaught, and had no choice but to employ a little-used escape valve called “de novo lipogenesis” (new fat-making) to turn excess energy substrate into liver fat.

Liver fat mucks up the workings of the liver. It is the root cause of the phenomenon known as “insulin resistance” and the primary process that drives chronic metabolic disease. In other words, neither fat nor carbohydrates are problematic – until they are combined. The food industry does precisely that, mixing more of both into the Western diet for palatability and shelf life, thereby intensifying insulin resistance and chronic metabolic disease.
Is Lustig right about every point that he makes? Probably not. But he's right about a lot of it. What is becoming more clear by the day is that the nutritional advice promoted by the US Federal Government is bad advice.

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