Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Evil is as evil does...

One of the big stories over the weekend, apparently (as I was off the grid and not paying attention) was the murder of 10 UN workers in Afghanistan, ostensibly in response to the burning of a Koran by a preacher in Florida. I've thought about weighing in, and really hadn't had the time, but now I've seen another story which relates to it, and I want to comment.

The first point is that the "minister" in question is not someone I'd follow. His stunt - and that's all it was - serves no useful purpose. It's just small-minded and intentionally antagonistic. You'd go all the way through the Gospels searching in vain for justification for his act.

The second point is that this guy is an absolute nobody, and this is a story for one reason and one reason only - the media in this country thinks that all Christians are racist, homophobic, intolerant, hayseed fundamentalist bumpkins, and this event fits the media's preconceptions perfectly. It's not about story - it's all about storyline.

The first two points lead me to point three - Terry Jones and the media bear no - zip, zero, nada, none - no responsibility for the murder of those workers. The culpability for those worker's deaths lies 100% with the Muslim pigs that murdered them. There is no sharing of the blame pie. Even if this nobody in Florida burning a book, and the mainstream amplifying that event to create the illusion that this is a big deal in America, warranted a response, the response it warrants is clearly not multiple murders. What those animals did was validate Terry Jones' opinion of them and their prophet and their scripture. I've said before that Muslims themselves are the source of any anti-Muslim sentiment, and that won't change until Muslims change it.

Having said that, here's another story that confirms everything that I just wrote.
Suicide bombers kill 30 at Pakistani shrine
MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) - A pair of suicide bombers struck a shrine in Pakistan Sunday, killing 30 people gathered there and pressing a campaign of attacks against places of worship that extremists consider un-Islamic, officials said.

The practice of praying, singing and meditating at the shrines of holy men is widespread and much loved across Pakistan, but extremists consider it a dangerous deviation from the austere Islam they espouse.

Several thousand people were attending celebrations to mark the anniversary of the Sakhi Sarwar shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan district of Punjab province when the bombers struck crowds outside the complex, said government administrator Iftikhar Saho.

A stampede followed the bombings, but it was unclear whether that caused any casualties.

Emergency coordinator Natiq Hayat said 30 people were killed and 100 wounded, 20 of them critically.
There's a line in the film "When Harry Met Sally" that "women need a reason to have sex, men just need a place." The people we're at war with, the enemies of civilization, don't need a reason to kill the infidel, they just need a place and a weapon and an infidel. If tossed a morsel like Mr. Jones' Koran burning, they'll pretend to use it, but they don't need it. If it wasn't that, it would have been something else...

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