Thursday, March 31, 2011

This concerns me

ESPN predicts the 2011 baseball season, and each of their 45 analysts picks the Red Sox to win the AL East. I like the Red Sox, I think that they've put together an excellent team, and I think that they're the favorites to win the East. I also believe in the wisdom of crowds. But unanimity of opinion among "experts" always makes me nervous, and this case is no exception. I'd love to have seen a few of those guys pick the Rays or the Yankees. There's a bit too much knee-jerk "they added Crawford and Gonzalez - they'll be AWESOME" going on instead of real analysis. A repeat of last year's injury scenario, for example, or a continuation of the Josh Beckett glide path to retirement, and they'll be less of a juggernaut than we're expecting.

I'm still picking them, of course, but I'd feel better if some of those ESPN guys were on the Yankees...

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