Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Featuring Jim Geraghty as Captain Obvious..."

There has been no hope, no change, no sudden Era of Good Feelings either here or abroad. The problems that Democrats insisted were the fault of Bush are in fact pervasive in the system of government. Obama pledged a government that was more efficient, more effective, more bang for the buck and more responsive to Americans. He has delivered none of this.
Here's the thing - he may have pledged those things, but there was no reason whatsoever to think that it was a pledge which he was capable of redeeming. Or, frankly, would even try to redeem. Nothing, absolutely nothing, about this administration has been surprising. The American electorate put an incapable, inexperienced, leftist narcissist into the White House, and the end result has been exactly what one would expect from an administration led by an incapable, inexperienced, leftist narcissist. This was all there for anyone to see, if they wanted to.  Yeah, the media lied about him, but there was plenty of evidence for anyone that wanted to see...

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