Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God and Man in Minnesota Politics

As Glenn Reynolds keeps saying, the "D" stands for Desperate.

Kathryn Jean Lopez notes an extremely distasteful mailing from the DFL (Democrat-Farm-Labor) party in God and Man in Minnesota Politics:
I think it’s safe to say it’s unholy politics. That’s a bipartisan problem for sure. But there is reason for bipartisan, ecumenical offense here. It’s an insult to suggest there isn’t some convenient anti-Catholicism here. But more so, it’s an insult to intelligent debate. Tim Pawlenty doesn’t “Ignore the Poor,” and I don’t know many men of the cloth who do either.
And it's an insult to intelligent debate to claim that the there's no anti-Catholicism in that ad.  Take a look for yourself:

So they're using imagery that's insulting to Catholics in order to impugn a Republican candidate who happens to be an evangelical pastor.  Nice job, guys.

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