Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fed-up voters may put GOP in power, ready or not

Byron York accurately sums up the current electoral landscape:
In the normal course of politics, after a party has its clock cleaned as badly as Republicans did in 2008, the losers go off to recover -- off to the desert -- while the winners go on to govern. For the defeated, regaining the political momentum can take years.

Normally, we should be in the early stages of that process. Instead, it appears that Republicans are about to retake one, and perhaps both, houses of Congress. The normal cycle of defeat and renewal has been speeded up considerably.

Why? Because Democrats have been screwing up faster than Republicans can recover. The GOP might not be fully ready to govern, but voters are increasingly convinced that Democrats don't deserve to.
Voters are right to be so convinced.

It is also important to keep reminding people that, as disappointing as the Republicans in the Congress were during the Bush administration (and George W., for all that he did right, was awful on spending issues), the real problem escalation occurred when the Democrats took control of the Congress following the 2006 elections.

Concerned about deficits?  The Republicans weren't very good in the 2000s.  But the Democrats were significantly worse.

Unemployment?  That escalation began in 2007, when the Democrats took the reigns of the economy.

It's long-past time to remove the speaker's gavel from Nancy Pelosi's hand.  It's long-past time to remove the likes of Barney Frank from the Congress, the likes of Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer and Patty Murray from the Senate.

One week to go.  Remember, and remind, and spread the word...

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