Friday, October 22, 2010

Obama gets "pretty good" grade - from himself

Remember when George W. Bush stood in front of a crowd and called himself a "pretty good President?"

Yeah, neither do I.

I honestly don't remember ever dealing with anyone who was so into self-acclamation and self-aggrandizement as this buffoon. The band playing "Hail to the Chief" and the adoring cheers of the crowd aren't enough, he's got to go pat himself on the back, too?

And yeah, one could argue that "hey, someone in the crowd yelled 'best' and he's being self-deprecating." But it's not an argument that I'd buy. He could have just ignored the comment. But if you're going to respond, "pretty good" is faux-self-deprecating. It's an obviously deprecated praise indicating that you think you've really been excellent, but you want to express that with humility. (A humility that he's not actually capable of feeling.)  He's not acknowledging less than perfection, he's telling them that he can't actually join them in saying it, even though he agrees.

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