Tuesday, September 07, 2010

An open letter to Senator Lisa Murkowski

AP Exclusive: Murkowski says she's not a quitter

A week after conceding the tight GOP primary to Joe Miller, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she's not a quitter and is "still in this game."

Dear Senator Murkowski,

It's not a game. It's an election, as required to staff the government in this democratic republic of ours. You ran the race.

You lost.

Get over yourself.

The Republic survived for well over 200 years before you set foot in Washington, DC, and it will survive long after you've taken your last footstep in Washington. You are not indispensible. The voters of Alaska have decided to dispense with you. The United States of America survived the departures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln from the seat of government, I daresay it can survive the departure of Lisa Murkowski. Go out, live your life, and stop sucking at the taxpayer teat.

You lost. The voters have spoken. They told you to go away.

Listen to them...

- Lyford

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