Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Red Sox Game report - Game 2, 4/6/2010

Game 2: New York Yankees 6, Boston Red Sox 4

For the second consecutive game, the starting pitchers were unimpressive, each allowing four runs in five innings of work. And for the second consecutive game, the bullpens were the difference, this time with the Yankee 'pen going four scoreless while the Red Sox gave up individual runs in the 8th and 9th, leading to the 6-4 loss.

  • Lame-O sportwriterism of the day - "Well, I guess they aren't going to go undefeated..."
  • First home run of the season for Victor Martinez.
  • The first error of the season for Marco Scutaro, and it was costly, setting up the go-ahead run in the 8th inning.
  • It's only two games, and I don't want to play, but the "when is David Ortiz going to get a hit" game will be at high volume very shortly. It's already being played. The atmosphere is going to be toxic if he hits .200 with no HR for the first couple of weeks.
  • Despite the evidence of the first couple of games, I have confidence that eventually, the umpires will get a close call at first base right. And probably, they'll blow one that helps, instead of hurts, the Red Sox. It's bound to happen. It hasn't happened yet, of course, but it's bound to eventually.
  • Two games, two "aces" for Boston, 9 2/3 innings, 9 runs. Two games, two "aces" for New York, 9 runs, 10 1/3 innings. Not the pitcher's duels we might have expected given the caliber of starting pitcher working each game. Of course, the offenses aren't bad, either...
  • Good: Martinez HR, two hits for Ellsbury, two more for Beltre.
    Bad: Ortiz. Drew. Scutaro's error. Lester's fifth. Okajima walking Johnson with the bases loaded. The umpires.




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