Monday, April 05, 2010

Red Sox Game report - Game 1, 4/4/2010

Game 1: Boston Red Sox 9, New York Yankees 7

The pre-game expectatation was that this would be a pitcher's duel. After all, it was opening day, and each team had its "Ace" on the mound. But Beckett didn't make it through the fifth, and while Sabathia was a little better, he was only a little better, recording only two more outs than Beckett did. In the end, both starters allowed five runs on the night, and neither made it through the sixth.

In the battle of the bullpens, it was a big advantage to Boston. The Red Sox 'pen allowed two runs in 4 1/3, while Boston scored four runs in only 2 2/3 innings of Yankee relief. That was the difference in the game, as both offenses were good and both starters were bad.

  • Each team gave up a run because of catcher error, Boston when Martinez threw to second on a delayed double-steal, New York when Posada let a ball past him.
  • On the whole, Boston's defense looked stronger, as a couple of balls up the middle looked as if maybe Cano should have reached them, and Youkilis' triple was aided by a bad line and forced backtrack by Swisher in right. It's tough to tell on TV, though, and the Cano plays may not have been a problem.
  • The sports talk radio morons were already on the Ortiz countdown this morning, as in "when is Francona going to let Mike Lowell DH, at least against lefties?" Guys, it's ONE (1) freakin' game!
  • Likewise, any of the "hey, the Sox offense will be fine" people who tout this ("hey, Sabathia started and they scored nine - they won't have ANY offensive problems!") are guilty of idiocy, too. It's one (1) game.
  • Impact beginnings: Mike Cameron and Marco Scutaro each went 2-for-3 at the bottom of the order and contributed to run-scoring rallies. Adrian Beltre went 1-3 and drove in the first run and the tying run that finished erasing the 5-1 deficit.

Player of the Game: Kevin Youkilis, 3-4 with three extra-base hits and three runs scored.

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