Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring training Haiku

In honor of the Projo Hot Stove Haiku thread, and the start of the baseball training camps…

Days are lengthening,
snow banks shrinking, blackening.
We know what that means.

Grass, green in the sun,
"Pitchers and Catchers report!"
Time begins anew…

Pitcher fielding drills,
the crack of bat striking ball,
all's right with the world.

Joggers in outfield,
exhibition baseball game
winter days dwindling

Glorious sunlight
plays on glowing grass and palm,
dreaming summer dreams…

Spring ball promises
exciting summer and then
triumphant Autumn?

Varitek here but
Martinez now the starter
catching balls in dirt

Youkilis at first
does not look like a Greek god,
but hits and fields well.

Second baseman is
one of the best in baseball,
Dustin Pedroia.

Beltre does not walk
but has some pop and great glove,
manning hot corner.

Marco Scutaro
is not a superstar but
plays a good shortstop.

Fleet Ellsbury now
moves to left field and steals hits
as well as bases.

Mike Cameron now
patrols center field at the
old park in the fens.

In right field is Drew,
hated by some but still, does
everything well.

The other hitter,
David Ortiz. But which Big
Papi will we see?

Starting rotation,
Lester, Beckett, Lackey is
as good as it gets.

Matsuzaka is
focus-ed, fit and healthy
another good arm.

Buchholz is ready,
we hope, for his spot, best fifth
starter in the game.

Still have a Manny,
and a Ramon and a Tim
backing the starters.

Okajima sets
up for Papelbon and makes
a wicked good 'pen.

May the season smile
on virtuous Boston fans,
not evil Yankees.

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