Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calling Joe Klein - more shocking polling news!

Calling Joe Klein! There's some bad news in the latest CBS/NY Times poll - more evidence for Klein's contention that the electorate towards which he condescends is made up of ungrateful dodos...
When it comes to job creation, just 6% say the stimulus package has created jobs, but another 41% expect it will do so. 48% think it won’t. These views have not changed much in recent months, but optimism about the impact of the stimulus package was much higher last summer.
Has created jobs6%6%4%
Has not, but will create jobs414453
Will not create jobs484541
So we're 11 months in, and 94% of the people in a CBS News/NY Times poll think that the stimulus hasn't created any jobs. They're right, of course. At least, it hasn't created any net jobs, which is the intent of the question.

But hey, maybe if Joe writes another column explaining to everyone how Obama'a creating jobs left and right with that stimulus, they can eventually get that up to 7%...

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