Monday, January 11, 2010

Note to Peter King...

...and everyone else raving about Ray Rice's day running the ball against the New England defense, and raving about the Ravens' great day running the ball against New England's defense, and bemoaning the terrible job New England's defense did against the run:

On the first play from scrimmage, Rice broke an 83 yard run, with the perfect call against the defense that New England was running, a couple of excellent blocks and a bad route by a New England defender. After that, Rice carried the ball 21 times for 76 yards, 3.62 yards/carry. And after that run, New England allowed Baltimore to rush the ball 51 times for 151 yards, or 2.96 yards/carry.

So let's not overstate a) the success of the Ravens or b) the awfulness of the Patriots defense.

I have no words of support or praise for the Patriots' offense.

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