Monday, January 11, 2010

Coakley on jobs

I really hope that this is not my new Senator in two weeks. But unfortunately, as much as I'd like to be wrong, I think that it probably is...

Martha Coakley:
On the stump, Coakley is focusing heavily on job creation. "I understand the challenges small businesses face, especially in today's tough economy," she said over the weekend.
Really, Martha? Where, exactly, did you develop this understanding?
  • The Attorney General's office?
  • The Middlesex County DA's office?
  • During that seven-year stint of civil litigation 30 years ago?
  • In law school?
  • At Williams College?
You know, liberal arts college->law school->civil litigation->politics doesn't really sound to me like the ideal job path for "understand[ing] the challenges small businesses face."

And what's her plan for "job creation?"
Martha believes the best way to get our economy back on the right track is to tackle the economic crisis head on and to take all necessary steps to get people back to work.
Well, who could argue with that?

But what are "all necessary steps?"
...making bold and wise investments in health care, energy and education; and restoring fiscal accountability to government spending...She will work with the business and financial communities as well as other stakeholders to develop and implement tough but fair regulatory reforms...Martha will work for loan modifications when appropriate, so people can remain in their homes. She will also support enhanced regulation of mortgage products and disclosure laws...Martha will provide consumers the tools they need to regain control of their financial security
If I read this correctly, she's in favor of more government spending and more regulation. Yeah, that's the kind of stuff that'll have employment booming in no time.

Just think what she'd come up with if she weren't focused on job creation...

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