Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Other reactions to Obama's public self-love video

Even here, history is a handmaiden to The One’s grandeur.

Scott Johnson:
Obama's brief remarks are an exercise in bowdlerization, circumlocution, evasion. Omitted from the remarks, among other things, is any mention of the Soviet Union or Communism, Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher or Pope John Paul. Obama neither decries the villains nor salutes the heroes of the story. Rather, Obama celebrates himself. He is an agent of destiny. He is the fulfillment of history.

Mark Steyn:
Tear Down This Wall

. . . so they can get a better look at ME!!!

...the now familiar mush of evasive generalities...

Kathryn Jean Lopez:
I boycotted the Obama Berlin Wall video until just now. I thought the concept was crass. But so was the content. Ronald Reagan deserved mention. He owed history a mention of that remarkable partnership with Margaret Thatcher, the deep bond with John Paul II.

But there was only time to talk about himself.

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